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animal Incinerator Manufacturer & supplier, animal waste, pet cremation & carcass  

Waste Incinerator 150kg/Hr

Brand: Green Incinerators

Model: Ecogreen-150


As Medical, industrial, general and Animal Incinerator Manufacturer & supplier we introduce Ecogreen-150 model incinerator is latest design for waste treatment; include medical waste, animal and pet cremation wastes, industrial and solid waste, Hotels waste, Slaughterhouse and fields waste, general waste, in Disaster Relief Operations, Remote areas waste, and other waste disposal and treatment, etc. Ecogreen-150 contains dual combustion chamber, mix-combustion chamber, smoke filter chamber with refractory lines, and effective high combustion chamber temperature up to 1200˚C which consider as a high and effective burn rate. with capacity of waste combustion chamber and  post combustion chamber.


Ecogreen-150 ensure 150 Kilograms per hour burning rate, . Ecogreen-150 uses Gasified pyrolysis burning technology which use to treat and burn various kinds of waste typically generated in hospitals, factories, etc.


Ecogreen-150 adopts big furnace gates which is easy and practical to deal with all kind of waste. Ecogreen-150 uses optional quality 304 stainless steel chimney which make it stable and heavy duty.



With primary combustion chamber, mix combustion chamber and secondary combustion chamber all waste burned with high efficiency rate. With built-in high technology smoke filter particulates and /or gases will be removed from emitted gases. In addition an optional wet scrubber can be added to reduce the smoke emission in high and effective rate. High effective burn rate ensured by using high quality CE certified oil or gas burners. as a china incinerator and as we are incinerator provider and  one of the main quality incinerator suppliers in china.


We have a factory and we manufacturer only top quality waste incinerators and incineration equipment for our customers such as industrial, medical & animal incinerator.

also as we are incinerator company & incinerator manufacturer & incinerator suppliers and producer our wastes incinerator machine used for many waste type as medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, general incinerator, mobile incinerator, solid incinerator & furnace, animal waste incinerator, farm incinerator, industrial incinerator, waste management incinerator and also trash garbage Incinerators for General & Municipal Use such as medical waste incinerator lab waste, pharmaceutical wastes, solid waste, municipal waste, dead animal incinerator, animal cremation waste, hazardous waste, bio waste, healthcare wastes, household waste, domestic waste, daily plastic wastes products, landfill waste and general wastes. Also for all types of animal wastes such as animal incinerator, animal carcass, sheep farms incinerator, cattle farms incinerator, poultry farms incinerator, pig farms incinerator, stables incinerator, abattoirs incinerator, animal cremation incinerator. buy incinerator for best incinerator price for same


- Compact size
- High burning effect  
- Reasonable burning technology 
- High degree of non-harm 
- Advanced high temperature gasification pyrolysis  technology

- Both gas-motivated and oil-motivated can be preferred according     to customers’ needs.

- Gasified pyrolysis incineration is suitable for kinds of solid waste.

- Waste generated everyday can be burned once.

- Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment  ensures low emission standard of dust, dioxin etc.

- Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.

- Compact structure and small land occupation. 


- Built-in Dry Scrubber also called Smoke Filter

- Built-in Mix combustion chamber in addition to primary & secondary chamber which is bigger to make sure long residency time in secondary combustion chamber, ensure full combustion
- Water Spraying System also called Wet Scrubber can be connected as an optional
- Stainless steel Chimney can be installed instead of iron steel chimney as an optional
- High Quality Burners made in Italy

- High Quality Control Panel main parts made in Europe (SIEMENS)


- Burning Rate: up to 150 Kgs per hour 
- Voltage: customize
- Fuel: Natural Gas or Diesel oil 
- Feed Mode: Manual 
- First burner device: Oil consumption: 4-10kg/h
- Second burner device: Oil consumption 7-14 kg/h
- Air Blower: 0.5kw

- Chimney external diameter: 300 mm
- Weight: 7000 Kg

- We provide 3D video guide, Manual book in English , Technical drawing, Experienced engineers guidance


For More details and specification please download the PDF Catalog.

animal Incinerator Manufacturer & supplier, animal waste, pet cremation & carcass  


Hospitals & Medical Wastes

General Medical Wastes in Hospitals & Medical Centers and laboratories

Dead Animals & Animal Cremation

Dead Animals & Animal Cremation and Animal Farms, Testing Laboratories

Hazardous Wastes & Bio-Wastes

Hazardous Wastes, Infectious Wastes & Bio-Wastes, Yellow Bag Wastes

Industrial, Factories & Solid Waste

Industrial, Factories and Solid Waste in Construction Sites and Camps

Cities, Municipals & General Wastes

Cities, Municipals, Camp Waste, General Garbage, Trash & General Wastes

Household Wastes

Household Wastes such as Rubbish, Bottles, Fruit Peels, Trees, Branches..etc


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Animal Waste Incinerator Manufacturer ,  Animal Incinerators Supplier

 S.B Environmental Co, Ltd.

Zhucheng city, Shandong Province, China 


animal Incinerator Manufacturer & supplier, animal waste, pet cremation & carcass  

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