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Waste Incinerator 20kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-20

Waste Incinerator 50kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-50

Waste Incinerator 150kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-150

Waste Incinerator 30kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-30

Waste Incinerator 100kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-100

Waste Incinerator 300kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-300

Waste Incinerator 500kg/Hr


Model: Ecogreen-500

Welcome to the thriving world of our Green incinerator Brand. a waste incinerator Supplier and incinerator manufacturer, Green Incinerators© brand, We have been engrossing into the business of animal waste incinerators, medical incinerators, hospital incinerators, medical waste incinerators and industrial waste incinerator. Green Incinerators© is our registered brand name for our incinerators from china. as waste incinerator supplier We manufacture high quality incinerators for many applications such as medical waste incinerators, animal incinerators, solid waste incinerators, general waste incinerator, waste management incineration, mobile incinerators, Municipal waste incinerators and general incinerator, etc, Our green incinerators can treat and incinerate many type of waste such as:


Medical Wastes: hospital wastes such as: bandage , swaps, injection syringe, drop bottle, lab waste, expired drugs, infectious internal organ, napkin, diaper, mask, gloves, pharmaceutical waste, hazardous wastes , Laboratories wastes, healthcare waste.


Animal Wastes: dead animal body and pets carcasses: Eg. dog, cat, chicken, duck, fish, birds, cattle, etc, farm incinerators , such as cattle farms, pig farms, sheep farms, stables, kennels, abattoirs, testing laboratories, catteries, pet crematoriums and poultry farms, ABP rendering plants & other waste disposals. Thus we manufacturer animal incinerator for animal carcass incinerator, sheep farms incinerator, cattle farms incinerator, poultry farms incinerator, pig farms incinerator, stables incinerator, abattoirs incinerator, animal cremation incinerators.


Household Wastes: rubbish, bottles, , plastics. fruit peel, kitchen garbage, papers, trash, rags, leftovers, trees, leaves, lowers, roots, etc


Industrial Waste: the general waste or solid waste produced in industrial area and factories and construction sites, environmental or recycling facilities, landfills,  manufacturing, mining, agricultural   eg. rubber, plastic, fiber, paper, leathers, wood, glass, general & municipal waste management, material , municipal waste, domestic wastes or from industrial activities , solid incinerator for solid waste in factories & construction sites. 



Contact Today waste incinerator manufacturer in china Green Incinerators brand. The main waste management & waste incinerator supplier in china for all waste types (medical, animal, municipal, industrial, solid & general).

our incinerator company Originate from 1991, our company was born in 2007 after years historical change. Located in Zhucheng City with Total space floor 87900 m2 and total registered capital of 89 million RMB, fixed asset 150 million RMB,  total assets over  300 million RMB and we have 200+ employees & we have been Listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange Center in 2014  and we Own two wholly-owned subsidiaries. we are manufacturing waste management incinerator and incineration equipment and other environmental products such as sewage treatment machines.


Member of:


- Member of Chinese Environmental Protection Industry

- Provincial High-tech Enterprise

- China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise

- The State Science and Technology Commission on Environmental Protection Project Technology Promotion Supporting Institution

- Quality Service Prestige AAA Enterprise

- Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises Enterprise 



With the following quality certificates:



- ISO 14001, 9001, 18001
- Bureau Veritas
- Onsite Check


When you buy from us , you are in fact buying directly from the main factory thus you will get the best deal in  term of:


- Best price

- Original Products
- Product quality
- Spare parts availability
- Following up
- Delivery time


Buy incinerator now for best incinerator price for sale.

As a waste incinerator supplier and incinerator manufacturer Our research and development wings are practicing to come up with innovative and unique incinerators which are capable to meet the requirements of our clients. As manufacturer our specialization and extensive experience in supplying and exporting incinerators equipment and industrial waste and garbage incinerators have propelled us to cater these products on very competitive prices. We anticipate your positive revert only.

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Why Green Incinerator



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  • We are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the “best” in our business. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth. It must be clearly understood that we’ll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or schedule. 

  • We manufacture our Green incinerators using high quality materials and parts, in addition the major and the most important parts such as burners and control panel parts used in our incinerator are from Europe.


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  • Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.


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  • Our Green Incinerators use 3 chambers in our incinerators: primary combustion chamber, mix combustion chamber and secondary combustion chamber. Unique Mix combustion chamber which used in our Green Incinerators used to make sure long residency time in secondary combustion chamber, ensure full combustion, kill the virus and remove black smoke


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  • Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust, dioxin and harm gases, in addition our incinerators use dry and wet scrubbers which reduce the smoke emission significantly


hospital incinerator
  • Our incinerators have chamber for Dry Scrubbers (smoke filter) which is of high technology air pollution control devices that can be used to remove some particulates and/or gases from industrial or medical incinerators


Incineraors Factory
  • Optional Water spring system also called Wet Scrubber can be added and installed to our green incinerators. The term wet scrubber describes a variety of devices that remove and clean mainly dust and pollutants from a furnace flue gas or from other gas streams. In a wet scrubber, the polluted gas stream is brought into contact with the scrubbing liquid, by spraying it with the liquid, by forcing it through a pool of liquid, or by some other contact method, so as to remove the pollutants,


  • Optional stainless steel Chimney (Stack)  made of quality 304 stainless steel material which make it heavy duty and lead it to prolong life can be installed instead of regular iron steel chimney.

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Waste Incinerator Factory
  • Burners is one of the most major important part in the incinerator. Our incinerators use latest technology and high quality European CE certified burners which cause high effective and high burn rate

  • In addition, both gas-motivated and oil-motivated can be preferred according     to customers’ needs. 


incinerator manufacturers
  • Our Green incinerators used for wide application and for many waste type generated thus used in medical and in industrial , Animal, general purposes (burn medical waste , Animal wastes, household wastes and industrial general waste) 



lack selection by a customer for buying of incinerator, may lead to disproportionate escalation costs. We completely understand this point very well that's why we do all our best to provide good waste incineration systems machinery  in terms of technology, efficiency and quality . And to achieve the best deal for the client we are providing all of this with very    affordable price.

According to the customer agreement on our offer. Our trained staff can install the device and educate the buyer on operate & use the incinerator to achieve the best outcomes. We provide buyer education &  buyer follow-up advice to ensure that we are here when you need us. We want to be your best partner for waste incinerators equipment & related systems.





We provide quality technical and service support to our customers before, during     and after the purchase to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. As we are the main manufacturer for incinerators we have professional technicians & engineers & we provide 3D video guide, Manual book in English , Technical drawing, and Experienced engineers guidance

As we are a main incinerator  manufacturers & has factory so When you are  buying directly from the main agent & distributor who cares about the quality of its products and also the factory's reputation, thus you will always get the best deal in term of: price, quality, Training and educations Maintenance, Spare parts availability, Delivery time and many other advantages 


Why Us
  • We have many incinerators models start from 20 kilograms per hour to 500 kg per hour, and up to 8 ton per day

low price incinerator


buy incinerator
  • Our Green incinerators characterized by a compact structure that can be installed in small land area

  • In addition, our models are easy to install and operate.


incinerators machine
  • Our incinerators price is affordable and economical

  • In addition our incinerator’s Installation, operation and maintenance cost accessible to all customers.



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Green Incinerators© Brand.
Waste Incinerator Manufacturer

 S.B Environmental Co, Ltd.

Zhucheng city, Shandong Province, China 


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