What Are The Types of Waste Incinerated?

Medical waste

bandage/injection syringe/ drop bottle, expired drugs, infectious internal organ, napkin, diaper, masks, gloves, general hazardous waste, laboratories waste, general bio waste in hospitals, medical center, clinics, etc.

Household waste

bottles, fruit peel,  kitchen garbage, papers, rags, leftovers, trees, leaves, lowers, roots/etc

Animal waste

dead animal , animal cremation and body and pets carcasses: Eg. dog, cat, chicken, duck, fish, birds, cattle, etc

Industrial waste municipal and general wastes

the solid waste produced in industrial area, eg. rubber, plastic, fiber, paper, leathers, wood, glass, etc

Other Waste Types

Chemical waste, dangerous waste, liquid waste, slugs waste, oil wastes and such waste need special types of incinerators 




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